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  Spanish Accents key codes 
  Mini Cooper Window Gets Stuck Fix 2002 - 2006 
  Outlook 2007 Signature File Location 
  Format 1.44k floppy to 720K on XP 
  CMDLET - List Users By Storage Group 
  RUN application with Admin Privilages SRV 2008 

Link Sender Cut and Paste 
Link Sender - Full 
Link Sender 
Erin and Joey's East Bay SF Restaurants  
Erin and Joey's SF Bay Area Restaurants 
Symlinked Mr.GAZA 
Mike Hoovers Blog 

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Why Linux is better than Corn.
Systems R&D Group Manager Mike Kiernan: ILM

Sometimes when I arrive in the morning a quarter of the Linux cluster is locked up, (and adds that) ``Linux needs work on NFS big time.''  
Fun Stuff & Games
Here is some fun stuff to do when you are not working. Star Wars Hang Man, DeathStar Attack Freeze Pop and Pictures from the JackPipes New Comic Strip added HelpFarm Comic Strip  

  Star Wars Revenge of the Sith comes out on DVD NOV 1st 2005  

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