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Topic Amusement Park Bounces Boy For Illegal Belching 
Author Beavis Christ 
Date Created 1/17/2003 7:34:30 PM 
Message VALLEJO, Calif. (Reuters) - Joey Ramirez, 14, has belched his way into the bad books at Six Flags Marine World. Ramirez was visiting the amusement park Sunday when he let loose what he calls a burp. Others called it an illegal, ''intentional belch'', and security was summoned. At the end of the day, Ramirez was stripped of his $47.50 season pass.
``The young man's pass has been revoked because he was belching extremely loud, intentionally in the faces of guests, including the daughter of a guest in the Voodoo ride line,'' Marine World spokesman Jeff Jouett told Friday's Vallejo Times Herald newspaper. Ramirez says he has been maligned, and his mother agrees. ``He has a lot of indigestion. I do, my mother does, and on a bad day, we burp,'' Kimberly Ramirez told the newspaper. ``I won't dispute that he was burping because he was on his own and he probably let one go, but he's 14.'' But officials at the amusement park in Vallejo, 20 miles (32 km) northeast of San Francisco, cite a string of ``incident reports'' which paint Ramirez as a serial belcher, burping on patrons in line, burping on the daughter of the man who asked him to stop, and then burping on other patrons while on the ride itself. ``It was not indigestion. It was swallowing a lot of air and making as much noise as possible,'' Jouett said. ``This is intentionally loud belching, intentionally directed at other guests. This is not a pinched cheeks, cover your mouth (burp), this is an open mouth blast toward other guests.''

Wow! Such touchy people at those amusement parks! All I can say is nice one, Joey!

From: www.belch.com/news

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