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Topic Output email addesses and aliases Exchange 2000 
Author RickyD 
Date Created 11/8/2004 9:22:37 AM 
Message Here is a script to output Users email addresses and aliases from Exchange 2000 and 2003.

Open NotePad or any text editor and copy the below script and save the text file as a .VBS file. (I posted the files because the code in this forum was removing infomation)

Run the script on the exchange server and it will output the information to a CSV file called users.csv and save it to c:\

Now all you have to do is open this is excel and do what you need with the information.


Download: users.txt file (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS) users.txt


Download: users.vbs file (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS) users.vbs

*This works in Exchange 2003* 
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