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Topic Location of Outlook 2003 Profile List 
Author Beavis Christ 
Date Created 5/3/2006 3:56:15 PM 
Message I was doing some Exchange testing with LOADSIM and I noticed that my Outlook 2003 Client had 400 Profiles created. This made sense because I configured LoadSim with 400 clients. I wanted to get rid of these but didn't wasnt to point, click, and delete the 400 profiles. Here is the location in the Registry where the profile list for Outlook 2003 is stored.

[HKEY_USERS\*****YOU-USER-SID*****\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\

If you want to delete all of the profiles, delete the whole "Profiles" key (this will delete all subkeys), and recreate the "Profile" Key.

If you want to keep your profiles, what I did was export the "Profiles" key, the opened it in notepad, and deleted all the profiles I did not want. I then deleted the "Profiles" key, and imported the edited reg key. 
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